In the first week of the MOOC Corporate Learning 2025 #cl2025 I was able to gather quite a few experiences. I have also read what many people have posted in the blogs, especially about the Infrastructure of this MOOC (or the lack of it, or its complexity, lack of efficiency…)

I have a different opinion than most of what I have read so far. The sprawl, the confusion, the diversity and multiplication of the data, streams and information are exactly what our era is about. For this reason, information literacy, cognitive load management skills or computational thinking are so important to us and to the upcoming generations to be successful in the new order of things.

Until now, the job of the L & D function was to bundle, structure and even simplify the existing information streams, and then pass them on to the learner as a “training / module /  case”.

Today, information flows so quickly and from so many different corners that it makes no sense to manage and structure them. They are already “out-of-date” before we are done designing and delivering. In order to develop the above-mentioned competencies, we should help people learn: 1) how to tap these streams exactly at the moment they need the input (eg follow a hashtag in Twitter, peak into the relevant company internal Yammer group), 2) how to extract something useful and learnable from this huge quantity of information.

And I was able to practice  exactly these 2 skills this week, in an intense and steep learning curve. I have made 5 registrations on 5 different sites, have downloaded too many apps and deleted them again, posted wrongly and then correctly on, published a couple of successful tweets … all this in 3 days, with zero risk. Sounds like a practice lab …

My conclusion: I am very grateful for the fact that I was able to practice these skills on my own, without manual or structure. I collected valuable insights that I won’t forget any time soon.

I am glad I invested this time upfront and am ready to accelerate and deepen my learning in week 2 with Merck.

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