Well well well… week 2 started with a high point: our first #cl2025ch learning team call. Active, intensive, good conversations around our common challenges in learning. One topic got me thinking: what makes an organisation ready to move from the traditional “calling an expert when I have a question”, to “posting a question” or looking for an answer on the company social tech plattform?

And then in the last 5 minutes of our learning team call we covered “one more thing” (raincoat…old Peugeot…smile). We decided to turn ourselves into a Working out loud circle. Just like that. I am quite stunned by the speed at which we made that decision given the fact we had connected for the first time ever merely 60 min before. And I feel comfortable with our decision. Go figure…

And that was it really. Life took over, I saw the email notifications of the Merck blog posts pile up in my mailbox and did nothing about it… until yesterday. I read it all in one go, the posts, the comments, the summary tweet page (here) . I only consumed this week. I didn’t feel engaged enough to contribute. Cannot explain why. Mental note: reflect on this in the next few weeks as I engage in the learning journeys of Continental, Viessmann and the likes. 
Today I prepared week 3.  I watched the Continental video to get in the mood. I also watched John Stepper’s TedX talk and read the introductory documents to #wol circles. 

I am ready for what’s coming in week 3. Bring it on!!