My new year statement

Instead of shouting out my resolutions I have decided to make a new year statement about where I am today and where I’d like to get to this year and beyond.

I am a passionate learner and an enthusiastic teacher, facilitator, coach or mentor depending on the situation. 

My work is a way to live my passion and get paid for it. I believe my mission is first to make people realize how easy it is to start a culture of continuous learning for oneself and for an organisation. The tough part is to make it into a routine, a habit, to embed it in one’s lifestyle.

That is where the second part of my mission kicks in: perseverance, sticking to it and at the same time creatively exploring new ways or variations of existing ones; all of this while staying focused on the goal. 

I am at a crossroad in my worklife. A year ago I have decided to leave my long-term employer to pursue my career in the L&D field. At the same time I have decided to move to a much smaller company because one of my key motivational drivers is to see the impact I have on the organisation and on the people. 

The change became tangible 4 months ago and while the “employed” part of my work is slowly settling down (or rather accelerating actually!), I am now crafting and shaping the extra-curricular part of my passion. 

I am still exploring what is out there, what topics I want to invest in, what I want to contribute to and with whom I want to exchange ideas and experiences. 

My goal is to gain clarity on the questions above, try out a few involvement ideas and kick-start one to two long-term activities in these fields. 

It is an exciting and fulfilling journey and I am curious to see where it will take me. 

I know my view will change throughout the year and I am looking forward to looking back on the roads and ways I will have travelled until then. 

How did you start your year? What are you up to in 2017?


Learning Manifesto V1

This is the first written documentation of my thoughts on learning. A minimum viable product if you will. 
I welcome feedback, questions and ideas that will lead to a better “product” in the future. 

I believe the value of learning (relevance, timeliness, useability) will be largely influenced by systems enabling access to billions of micro learning elements (micro-learnons) with a negligible intrinsic value. The value of the resulting learning is conditioned by the accessibility, searchability and visibility within such a system and by how well the collated mass of micro-learnons effectively covers performance needs. 

Key to that mass is rapid simplified production, integration and curation of micro-learnons on an on-going basis. Ranking and usage tracking creates the necessary data for curation. 

Classroom trainings will remain flagship products: visible and memorable, creating strong emotional and social connections. They are highly needed to build the learning brand and take the pulse of the organisation.

So what comes next?

Learning inspiration

In my sunday night read I just came across this quote:

‘To succeed now, we have to continually refresh our stocks of knowledge by participating in relevant “flows” of knowledge – interactions that create knowledge or transfer it across individuals. These flows occurr in any social, fluid environment that allows forms and individuals to get better and faster by working with others.’

Hagel, Seely Brown and Davison (2010).

What flows of knowledge are you part of? Are you consciously becoming a member of such flows? How does it happen?