The third week at #cl2025 started with our first session as a wol circle. Pretty cool experience.

I had put some thoughts over the week-end into the kinds of goals I could imagine pursuing. In the course of the circle discussion I realised that there was one goal that really was motivating me and at the same time was challenging enough that I needed a different approach to get it going : learning to draw…

And the “Continental” week gave me my first challenge: tagging. Harald Schirmer challenged us with elaborating on what tagging is and is not, what it should be and how to use it ( I am a fan of tagging and thought I would pick up the challenge and get to the drawing board (or drawing app in this case!)

So in short, to generate tags you need a tag factory:

And to use tags you need to go and fish for them as your thinking develops and ideas unfold:

What do you think tagging can be otherwise used for? How do you use it? Do you create tags yourself?