My new year statement

Instead of shouting out my resolutions I have decided to make a new year statement about where I am today and where I’d like to get to this year and beyond.

I am a passionate learner and an enthusiastic teacher, facilitator, coach or mentor depending on the situation. 

My work is a way to live my passion and get paid for it. I believe my mission is first to make people realize how easy it is to start a culture of continuous learning for oneself and for an organisation. The tough part is to make it into a routine, a habit, to embed it in one’s lifestyle.

That is where the second part of my mission kicks in: perseverance, sticking to it and at the same time creatively exploring new ways or variations of existing ones; all of this while staying focused on the goal. 

I am at a crossroad in my worklife. A year ago I have decided to leave my long-term employer to pursue my career in the L&D field. At the same time I have decided to move to a much smaller company because one of my key motivational drivers is to see the impact I have on the organisation and on the people. 

The change became tangible 4 months ago and while the “employed” part of my work is slowly settling down (or rather accelerating actually!), I am now crafting and shaping the extra-curricular part of my passion. 

I am still exploring what is out there, what topics I want to invest in, what I want to contribute to and with whom I want to exchange ideas and experiences. 

My goal is to gain clarity on the questions above, try out a few involvement ideas and kick-start one to two long-term activities in these fields. 

It is an exciting and fulfilling journey and I am curious to see where it will take me. 

I know my view will change throughout the year and I am looking forward to looking back on the roads and ways I will have travelled until then. 

How did you start your year? What are you up to in 2017?