Learning Manifesto V1

This is the first written documentation of my thoughts on learning. A minimum viable product if you will. 
I welcome feedback, questions and ideas that will lead to a better “product” in the future. 

I believe the value of learning (relevance, timeliness, useability) will be largely influenced by systems enabling access to billions of micro learning elements (micro-learnons) with a negligible intrinsic value. The value of the resulting learning is conditioned by the accessibility, searchability and visibility within such a system and by how well the collated mass of micro-learnons effectively covers performance needs. 

Key to that mass is rapid simplified production, integration and curation of micro-learnons on an on-going basis. Ranking and usage tracking creates the necessary data for curation. 

Classroom trainings will remain flagship products: visible and memorable, creating strong emotional and social connections. They are highly needed to build the learning brand and take the pulse of the organisation.

So what comes next?