Coaching is so rewarding

I just finished a coaching call. One hour of fun, challenge, listening, giving, asking, engaging, contemplating, receiving… I received so much energy I am now bubbly talking to anyone willing to listen. I think I am addicted to coaching. 

Focusing on someone else’s objective or issues for 30, 45, 60 min and fully dedicating my energy to creating a safe yet challenging listening zone is exhilarating. Seeing a coachee leverage this environment and take their reflection to the next level is incredibly satisfying. 

Having had a drastic reduction in the coaching hours I can give, I appreciate the few opportunities even more. I focus my energy and at the same time I am more aware of what is happening.

Less is more. Literally. 

How do you stay truly engaged in your coaching practice? How do you manage the routine risk? What other pitfalls have you identified?


Learning inspiration

In my sunday night read I just came across this quote:

‘To succeed now, we have to continually refresh our stocks of knowledge by participating in relevant “flows” of knowledge – interactions that create knowledge or transfer it across individuals. These flows occurr in any social, fluid environment that allows forms and individuals to get better and faster by working with others.’

Hagel, Seely Brown and Davison (2010).

What flows of knowledge are you part of? Are you consciously becoming a member of such flows? How does it happen?