Aux larmes citoyens…

2016-07-15 14.39.59I wake up this morning, full of cheer. Second day of this summer’s karate camp. Eat breakfast, chat with my friends, go back to my room. Wham! Boum! Whack!
Attack in Nice, right after the firework celebrating our national day. Some crazy fou-furieux drove into the people with a truck. A truck!!! He drove into men, women, children, peacefully assembled to look in awe at a beautiful pyrotechnical masterpiece, the traditional firework on the bay.

I am stunned
My heart is filled
With anger and grief
I want to cry
My hands are trembling
My legs keep shaking
The panic is brief
I need to cry
I want to hit and kick and bite
In my head it feels so tight
Only pressure, no relief
My tears are dry

That’s how far I came today. And as I look for peace and love and sense in all this chaos, I wish all of them, all of you, all of us will find the inner strength and drive to move forward and build a better world, a safer world for us all.

I believe in humanity, stronger than ever.


Auld lang syne

2016-07-03 10.18.13

Am I in denial? or am I visionary? I am leaving my first ever employer, after 17 fantastic years…and I don’t feel sad.

I am touched by the signs of kindness, gratitude, and awe. I am worried by the pain, despair and fear I see . I am puzzled by the silence, discomfort, and restlessness. Yet I am not sad.

There I learned to speak the business language, I learned to walk the business walk, I learned to waltz the business waltz. From A to Z. Trying, falling, standing up, trying again.

There I met friends of heart, friends of late hours and friends of “getting things done”. We laughed, we cringed, we pulled our hair and sang “we made it”.

Although I know I will miss much of it, I am not sad.

I am thankful.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the wonderful moments that paved the way to this day. And that gratitude is what gives me the drive to navigate to new horizons….

Look! It is right over there, look how beautiful it is….